Aleopile provides services in the following areas:

Web Design

Aleopile works heavily in Web Design. We use only modern web standards, making your website ready for the modern web. Our developers use responsive web techniques that allow your website to be optimized for the both Desktop and Mobile markets.

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Aleopile specializes in Robotics, developing robots using the power of the ROS system. These robots are capable of autonomous navigation in a known indoor environment. We can also design a web interface to control your robot remotely.

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Circuit Design

Aleopile works in circuit design, schematic capture as well as PCB layout and routing. We are capable of designing multi-layer boards with surface mount parts. We can send the board out to be manufactured for you.

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Modern Web Sites attract more customers.

Aleopile can design your website from scratch or breathe new life into your old web site. With our expertise in responsive web design you will only have to develop one web site for mobile and desktop, saving you money. Call or Email for quote.

Intelligent Robots provide cool demos.

Whether you need a demo for a product or need help developing your robotic application, Aleopile will be happy to assist you. We can leverage the power of the ROS platform, or help you design your own simple robotic platform, Call or Email for quote.

Printed Circuit Boards turn your prototype into reality.

At Aleopile, we also do Printed Circuit Boards. We use free software and we are not locked into a specific manufacturer. Unfortunately we do not do circuit design from scratch, so please have a prototype before consulting us. Call or email for quote.